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Canada’s top consumer advocate returns with more financial advice.

Canadian consumers are focused on spending and managing what money they do have wisely, but have more questions than answers on most financial topics. Television personality and consumer advocate Pat Foran shares tips and strategies about the questions and issues he sees most often, and explains how some little things can soon add up to a lot of money. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Credit and loyalty cards, and what kind of deal they really are

  • How much insurance is enough – and what kinds do most people need?

  • How to shop for a vehicle, and if it’s worth it to import from the US

  • Mortgages, tax breaks, and other complicated financial decisions

  • Getting the most bang for your buck, whether while shopping or travelling

Packed with money-saving advice, this title will also include the latest information on marketplace trends, the investment climate, housing prices, interest rates, and other techniques for savings. As an added bonus, Pat has included quotes and comments from prominent Canadian businesspeople and celebrities about the best financial advice they’ve received in their lifetimes.

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